My modus operandi utilises tried and tested procedure for each and every project. I thrive on collaboration with clients, this influences, shapes & determines the correct final project outcome. Ensuring dynamic results!

  • I will treat every person with respect & dignity.
  • I will always respond to clients timeously & honestly.
  • I will be creative & innovative in my approach to all that I do.
  • I will check all my work and ensure it is free of error.
Gondo Creative Studios | Kudzie The Planner
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Kudzie The Planner

About This Project

Kudzie The Planner asked us to come up with a logo and corporate branding solution that would engage a diverse audience and tell their story in a clever way. One of the biggest challenges was striking a balance between brand recognition, visual consistency and rousing intrigue among young audiences. I injected their flair into the final product, giving it that Gondo Creative Studios Stamp.


Kudzie The Planner

Graphic Design